Commissions are currently: OPEN
I can still add you to a Waiting list if you'd want!

hi!🦊 you can call me Ponya, Pone or Korpy! she/they, 20s, professional anthro animal enjoyer and a vulpera lover :>
i draw (occasionally), you might see furries and humanoids, feets and small boobies; i mostly make oc commissions and fanart, fan character arts and commissions for Warcraft, My little pony, League of Legends and Dota 2 universes; hope you enjoy!NSFW content ahead. By proceeding you confirm you are at least 18 years old.

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Commissions are currently: OPEN
I can still add you to a Waiting list if you'd want!

  • By commissioning me, you agree with my Terms of Service. Be sure to read it first, thank you!

  • The prices are in USD, but i can invoice you in USD or EUR, just so you don't have to do through double convertation! Lesser convertation fees for both of us :>

  • Please be aware that I work on commissions one by one to avoid burnout. This means I do not start new drawings until I'm finished with current one.

  • The prices shown are the base and any additions to the image will make price higher. Feel free to DM me if you have questions or need a help with price.

  • Additional characters are half price. Private commissions have a 100% fee.

  • A single extra edit is free and is mandatory for very kinky stuff (like toilet fetishes)! Any additional extra edits are 5-20 USD depending on complexity of edits.

  • Too many revisions will cost an extra and are paid after the commission is done. Four or five changes are fine but every wip update ending with a list of changes is extra.

πŸ’œ FAVOURITE TOPICS TO DRAW: girls of any species, anthro, humanoids, shortstacks, feral pony, couples, romantic scenes, POV, oral, anal, tentacles, paws, feet
❓ PROBABLY WILL and CAN DRAW: femboy, futa, size difference, female pregnant art, restraint, petplay, anthro/humanoid on feral, scalies/pokemons, specific kinks i've worked on (femdom, non-lethal gore, inflation, ABDL, toilet fetishes)❌ WON'T DO's: Detailed background/armor/clothing, NFT, Commercial projects, Real people, Racist or derogatory imagery, Realistic humans/animals, Anthropophagolagnia, anything Hyper, Giving birth, Prolapse, Necro, Vomit, hardcore Gore.

To see extreme fetish stuff I've done, please visit Itaku gallery folder. Includes gore, scat, diaper, watersports.
I am pretty much open to draw everything not stated in won't do's. Feel free to ask if unsure!

BONUS SKETCHES FOR REGULAR COMMISSIONERSI really appreciate your support, thank you!
For those who commissioned me 3 or more times I offer a free bonus colored sketch! You are free to not pick it if you don't want :)
Those sketches are done in one sit but have lower priority. This means I'll get to drawing them after current queue is complete.
Please note, I don't double/triple check the anatomy and dont spend a lot of time settling the lightning, as well as i don't do edits, it may look clumsy. You can commission me next time to finish the bonus sketch if you'd like!
✦✦✦✦✦For more examples, please visit Itaku gallery folder.

Flat color commissionsBust -- 25 USD
Half body -- 30 USD
Full body -- 40 USD
✦✦✦✦✦For more examples, please visit Itaku gallery folder.

Full color commissionsBust -- 60 USD
Half body -- 65 USD
Full body -- 75 USD
✦✦✦✦✦For more examples, please visit Itaku gallery folder.

Reference Sheet commissions
Base reference sheet -- 60 USD
Includes: Front view, Back view, one emote, any text, sfw/nsfw or wings/no wings or additional back view with no hair/tail alt if needed; Flat color only. I only do ref sheets for existing characters and do not do custom ones, sorry!
Any add-ons are discussable, please feel free to ask!
✦✦✦✦✦For more examples, please visit Itaku gallery folder.

Stickers or Emotes commissions
Prices are for unique stickers. Any edits are discussable. Headshot or halfbody, can be different characters in single pack. Can do a simple fullbody.
1 Sticker -- 10 USD
6 stickers pack -- 50 USD
12 stickers pack -- 80 USD
Comes in 2 sizes - original 1024x1024 pixels 300dpi, 512x512 for messangers. But I do resize Emotes to fit Twitch/Discord, just ask!✦✦✦✦✦For more examples, please visit Itaku gallery folder.

Dakimakura design commissionsDigital only. Size is 160x50 cm 300 dpi. Please let me know if you do not want your design to be printed by dakimakura shops. Nude or clothed, any other alt versions are discussable.One side - 80 USD
Two sides - 150 USD
✦✦✦✦✦For more examples, please visit Itaku gallery folder.

Terms of service

     β€’β€’ GENERAL TERMS β€’β€’      

  • You must be at least 18 years old to commission me.

  • Food and rent before commissioning, take care of yourself first, please!

  • You’re purchasing the digital art piece for personal use only.

  • Payment is made after the sketch approval.

  • I accept payments via EasyStart USD/EUR invoice (via Card, Stripe, MOST preferred) or Hipolink (via Paypal, Card) or PayPal invoice (ONLY via YCH.art)

  • I need visual references of your character.

  • I do not do custom characters.

  • I do not do refunds.

     β€’β€’ DEADLINES β€’β€’      

  • Maximum time I need to finish a digital commission is 3 weeks.

  • Please note the deadline coundown starts after I have reached you in the Queue and we discussed the comm details once again.

  • If you need your commission to be finished by a certain date (e.g. the commission is a birthday present for someone) you must state it in the form. An extra fee may be charged due to giving your commission priority.

  • Deadlines still need to be reasonable. The minimum deadline must be at least one week after order date. For example, if you ordered on Jan 1st, earliest deadline possible is Jan 8th.

     β€’β€’ ORDER PROCESS β€’β€’      

  • After commission accepted I update within 7 days with a sketch for approval.

  • 5 free changes throught the commission process. Big changes can be made on sketch stage only.

  • I send an invoice after sketch approval.

  • Continue drawing after the payment is done.

  • Complete! I send you full resolution via Google drive.

  • Average turnaround time is 2 weeks.

πŸ”Ά How to pay via EasyStart invoice


  • Payment transactions are made via Stripe, so your card info is safe! You're paying via Invoice for Graphic Design services. I usually just send a stripe payment link, but can send a PDF invoice on a request.

  • It is also very important for a name on the invoice (you type it in during loggin in) and the cardholder (you type it in when paying) to match, othervise I won't be able to recieve the payment.

  • If you want to pay in EUR equivalent, please let me know! We both pay lesser fees in you're in Euro zone :>

  • If something goes wrong with a commission, a refund is possible. I can not refund if commission is fully finished.

  • If you are afraid to give personal info, please be aware PayPal also shows your personal info -- name, surname, e-mail and address when using an invoice to pay for commissions.

  • Steps 1-2 are a one-time proccess. Next time I will be able to create invoice and send you a PDF or a direct Stripe invoice link! :>

  • TRUSTPILOT: You can also check EasyStart on Trustpilot -- Read Customer Service Reviews of easystart.me - Trustpilot. If it was it smooth and easy to pay via the invoice, maybe give them a good review too?


πŸ”Ά How to pay via Hipolink

  • I will send you a link to my profile or commission slot

  • Click Pay! and proceed the payment via PayPal/Card

πŸ”Ά How to pay via YCH.art

  • After you've won the Auction YCH.art will generate a PayPal invoice.

  • It will look like https://ych.art/auction/XXXXX/pay

  • Please make sure to notify me when you have made the payment!

  • The payment should be made via the link in 24 hours after sketch approval.